We are leaders and managers specialising in the creative industries and expert leadership.

Revitalise your organisation with a powerful programme of leadership, confidence and development training

  • Bespoke Business Leaders Courses

    Tailored courses for your industry including business and leadership skills. Quattrain has delivered the Business Leaders course for audio led independent production companies and is co-developing and Executive Masters at Cass Business School in Clinical Leadership.

  • The Creative Leader

    This identifies your personal leadership qualities and areas for development, grows your creative brainstorming skills, builds expertise in managing challenging situations and developing creative teams.

  • The Leader as Coach

    This is based on building up EQ skills in leaders and shows that small adaptations of behaviour can make a big difference in teams. Understanding the world from different perspectives can make leading a team a creative, collaborative process rather than a lonely one.

  • Personal Development

    A powerful and transformative programme of personal development run in conjunction with Cass Business School, which includes reflective practice, 360 feedback, personal impact and personal resilience.

  • The Female Leader

    The course will help delegates deepen an understanding of themselves and their behaviour in the work place and focusses on techniques to build confidence, source resilience and proactively build networks and career strategies.

  • Time Management

    This course covers ways in which we work best and most productively and helps identify bad habits that can be banished immediately. Techniques are introduced that facilitate choice and control in work flow to re-balance and make room for creative thinking.

  • Powerful Presentations

    How to write and deliver powerful, memorable and unique presentations based on storytelling techniques. You get practical experience with personal feedback.

  • Delivering Feedback

    Helping you give honest feedback in an effective way whether it is to your peer, your team or your manager. Giving and receiving feedback is one of the most important communication tools and can lead to improved performance but has to be delivered carefully and thoughtfully. The best way to enhance your skills is to practice in a safe environment.

  • Negotiation Skills

    Clients will end the workshop with a stronger sense of their own network, what areas of their network they need to build on, and how to “work a room” with confidence and authenticity.

  • Pitching

    As former programme makers and journalists for the BBC, we understand the process of pitching and the importance of telling an idea as a story to potential funders and commissioners. We have delivered pitching training to the independent media sector and tech start-ups.

Natasha has run several leadership training courses for our department, in the UK and internationally. The sessions have been excellently planned and delivered. There is a focus on practical techniques which deliver real value for money. Natasha has the ability to hold everyone’s attention all day and speak to both private and public sector groups.

Sarah Hughes Global Operations Manager BBC World Service Business Development BBC World Service

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