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Kate Hoyland

Kate is an international news journalist and digital specialist who is fascinated by what makes a great story. She has trained hundreds of journalists around the world for major news corporations.

I am passionate about working with international clients to help them tell the stories that matter to them.

Kate Hoyland Specialist in digital story telling and podcasting Quattrain

Helping you sell yourself in the media

Kate Hoyland is a news journalist who specialises in helping you sell yourself in the media. What makes a great news story? Why do the media pick up on some stories and not others? How can you present your best self, even if the media is reporting “bad” news?

Kate has 18 years’ experience as a journalist and editor in the BBC, where she specialised in international news before moving on to manage Journalism and Production training at the BBC World Service. She has developed BBC-wide podcast training.

She re-launched and ran the BBC’s gold standard traineeship, the Production Trainee Scheme. During her time running the scheme, she helped trainees move into roles on programmes across the BBC, including Doctor Who, Panorama, Radio 1 and Match of The Day.

Kate has delivered media training for the BBC, Channel News Asia, London College of Communications, the British Psychological Society, RIBA, AudioUK, and University College London.

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