An experienced and dedicated team of professionals with an insider's knowledge of the media landscape.

With a background in broadcast journalism, we offer a full service of storytelling, podcasting, leadership coaching and personal development to our valued clients.

The Quattrain team Media skilla and leadership training

Meet the team

With proven track records in media and related areas, our team is able to apply their skills and experience to the benefit of your team and company.

  • Rosie Bartlett

    Rosie Bartlett

    Rosie is a digital news journalist and senior journalism trainer. She works with BBC International staff, UK independent production companies, charities and businesses.
  • Kate Hoyland

    Kate Hoyland

    Kate is an international news journalist and digital specialist who is fascinated by what makes a great story. She has trained hundreds of journalists around the world for major news corporations.
  • Caroline Elliot

    Caroline Elliot

    Caroline uses her experience as a BBC senior leader to provide management and leadership development, facilitate events and train in media skills.   
  • Natasha Maw

    Natasha Maw

    Natasha is a leadership trainer and coach. She is fascinated by the relationship between personal development and organisational transformation.

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