Case study for Audio UK

The audio independent production industry has little access to affordable skills, and leadership training. We produced a full suite of training to meet these needs.

Passing on expertise and bringing out the best in people is a very particular skill. Quattrain do it brilliantly.

  • Action

    AudioUK, the trade body for audio-led production companies working in radio, podcasts, audiobooks and more, with over 100 member companies across the UK, was looking for a full suite of training for its members. This would include craft skills training, masterclasses and diversity mentoring aimed at all levels from new entrants to senior management, under its Audiotrain brand.

  • Solution

    Quattrain partnered with AudioUK to create, deliver and manage a wide range of audio skills and professional development training. Quattrain worked with Whistledown Productions, Creative Skillset and AudioUK to successfully bid for funding and the training is currently available via the Audiotrain website.

  • Engagement

    Over a thousand individuals have been through the training either via one day workshops, training days or attending evening masterclasses.

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