Case study for The Foreign and Commonwealth Office

We worked with the FCO to enhance bold and inclusive decision making in their teams.

  • Action

    The Legal Directorate of the Foreign Relations Team wanted to overhaul the way that meetings were run in the department. They recognised that key decisions were made in these meetings yet they were not convinced that the structure provided the means for generating bold thinking from all the team.

  • Solution

    Natasha Maw worked with the team to assess the current meetings structure and how the process might negatively affect outcomes through lack of engagement. She used Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment model of running team meetings to maximise the quality of thinking, listening and creative ideas generated in the team meeting setting.

  • Engagement

    The revised model of team meetings has been taken up by the department. This has led to greater engagement and collaboration within teams, more productive meetings with better ideas generated and a renewed willingness to embrace new ideas and ways of working.

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